Who I Am and What I Do

Stephanie graduated from the Cortiva Institute in Boston, MA of 2015. From a young age she always wanted to figure out a way to help others.
One of her greatest challenges was helping out a friend in high school who became pregnant. Her friend was disowned by others but Stephanie never left her side.
Through this friend, Stephanie was introduced to the fitness industry because she wanted to stay fit during her pregnancy.
Stephanie became intrigued and began to learn more about the industry and how to better assist others. Shortly after this time, Stephanie’s sister was diagnosed with Stage II Lymphoma.
Stephanie continued her journey by becoming educated to help others through massage. Stephanie is passionate in learning from each client and understands that every body is not made the same.
Massage deals with the mind, body, and soul. However, it is also important to listen to detail both verbally and through touch of the body.
Stephanie Webbe, LMT